The Allen Trial in Pictures 28-11-1999

The Start

The Spartan of Mike Bailey before its first event.



Big Uplands - my favourite trials hill

Roger Bricknell's Vincent.



Dudley Sterry's supercharged MG J2



Peter Fear's Dingo



Mike Wordsworth's Midget



Rest Halt at Chew Valley Lake

Stuart Cairney's Imp - I had to put this one in, didn't I?



Arthur Jones' Skoda with bouncer Paul Hemmings




Mark Smiths 2360cc Beetle getting a bit of wheelspin



Mal Allens Marlin about to vanish in a cloud of steam



There is a Marlin in there somwhere...



Bill Bennett's MG J2



Dudley Sterry again



Ian Davis' VW Buggy



Stuart Harrold's Troll



The mud at Mill Lane

Mike Pearsons Dellow Replica



Rich Welsh's Beetle



All pictures taken by me, using a Minolta Maxxum 7000i and Minolta 35-80mm and Tamaron 80-210mm AF lenses, on Fuji Superia 800ISO film, scanned using the cheapest scanner I could find.

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